letter to my 5 year old- just a little late…

Dear Jay Bird,

A few weekends ago your Daddy and I took just you to get some 5-year-old photos. I checked my LCD screen at some point during the “shoot” and was taken back by how old you look. I cried a few big fat Momma tears and then dried them up so I could continue following you around with my camera. You are FIVE, how did that happen?! To say that you have grown and matured (mostly) seemingly overnight would be quite the understatement; I blinked and you grew up. The top of your head comes up to my chest and your legs are starting to look all lanky and big boy-ish. When I look at you I see the boy you are becoming rather than the toddler/little boy you once were. Is this unsettling for a Momma? Sure, but man am I proud of the kid you are turning into.

You are sweet with your brothers and love to help me when you can; always offering to help set the table or pick things up if need be. You help your brothers find things that they need/want and put together wonderful contraptions with duplo for them. You don’t always get along, I would be painting an incorrect picture if I said otherwise. I frequently hear  “No Charlie” shouted from another room when Charlie isn’t following your rules and occasional screams when Luc finds and “rearranges” one of your duplo projects. However, you are boys and bothers and you love each others’ company and I love to watch you play together. Just last night you and Charlie where racing in the backyard, back and forth between the fort and the climber. You all did this until long after the sun went down and your laughter was so wonderful to hear. You are doing amazingly well at school; you make friends easily and your teachers adore you. You knew all that you were supposed to know at the end of the year in January! We are going to have a hard time challenging you in the years to come, you love to learn about things. Frequently, you will ask Daddy during bath time to talk about something- honestly, fill in the blank with whatever random topic that you would like and you may have covered it- and then listen while he explains every little detail about the topic you choose. I think Dad enjoys these exchanges as much as you do. You still love to look at books and listen to books. If you are quiet and I don’t know where you have disappeared to it’s likely that I will find you with your nose pressed into a book or at the table coloring. Coloring and art are one of your other great loves these days. I constantly am finding art supplies strewn all over the kitchen table (you aren’t as good at cleaning up as you are at the creative process my dear). You are constantly coloring and drawing; you make things from plans for your new cars, pictures of super heroes or cards for people. It is not infrequent for you to run up to me at some point during the day and hand me a card or scrap of paper with a single heart on it or one filled with hearts, sweet boy you do this to make me feel better and you usually have the perfect timing. Other than books and coloring, being outside or building with lego or duplo are the things you enjoy most. I love to watch as you come up with elaborate creation after elaborate creation while you are building. Your imagination is limitless dear boy ;)

As bitter-sweet as this whole growing up thing is. I have to say I am enjoying it. I love watching your creativity blossom and watching your heart grow. You find new ways to love on people all of the time and I can’t help but be so proud of you. I grow and am so glad that I get the privilege of being your Mommy.

I love you sweet boy!


Jay Bird

Jay Bird- 5 years old

Jay Bird

Jay Bird- the FLASH

Jay Bird

silly faces

bored faces

Jay Bird- 5 years old

Me and my boy

Jay Bird

playing at the park

This one isn’t in focus but I still like it ;)
fuzzy but I still like it ;)


One thought on “letter to my 5 year old- just a little late…

  1. These are fabulous photos of all the faces, moods and expresions of our wonderful first grandson! You really captured him well :)
    Kristen, You are so talented!!


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