a shared big boy room

Eventually the boys, Jay and Charlie, will be sharing a room. We have tried a few times to get them to either nap or go to bed in the same room unsuccessfully. We know that it will happen eventually and we have made a big no-turning-back push this week for it to happen. Our fingers are crossed that it will work out and that they can figure things out. That being said, I did take this upcoming “move” as an excuse to change some things up in Jay’s room. Everything was finished before Luc arrived (yes I did all of the painting while 8 plus months pregnant) but I haven’t been able to post anything about it until now. Aside from painting both the room and the dresser, not much else was done and I didn’t spend much money (I only purchased the wall paint, the large J and C and blackout roller shades for the windows, everything else was just moved around from one place to another or repainted). I am pretty happy with how it turned out and LOVE that I can now take photos in there that aren’t a pain to color correct ;)

Cross your fingers for us that this arrangement eventually works…

Here’s a few of the before photos so you can see the awful wall color.
Jay's room before

Jay's rom before

Jay's room before

Here’s the after. When I took these photos I hadn’t changed the photos in the frames yet or painted the wooden frames grey- they are that way now but you will have to either visit or use your imagination to picture it;)
shared room after

Charlie's one day bed

Jay's bed with his quilt

Charlie's bed

decoration ;)

3 thoughts on “a shared big boy room

  1. The new color looks great. I’m sorry I didn’t stick my head in tonight to see the rest of the improvements. Thanks for the delicious and spirited dinner!


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