such a big guy

Charlie has made hard and fast work of getting rid of the toddler faze; seemingly over night he has become a little boy. He is determined to do whatever Jay is doing and usually (motor skill and verbal skill allowing) succeeds. I continuously am saying that he is trouble, because he is, and what’s really bad is all he has to do is flash a smile and I am a goner- trouble, pure trouble I tell you!

While Jay was at summer camp I decided to let him sit in Jay’s booster chair for lunch and now we are officially out of the highchair. Considering his age he does pretty well at the table and it is incredibly cute to see his tiny self poking up over the edge of the table while he eats.

I seriously can’t get enough of this kiddo and wish daily that time would just slow down a little.

Charlie at the big table

my big boy

so big

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