fly little bird fly

My baby, my first born turned three and a half at the end of last month and headed off to school two weeks ago. I will not lie, I cried big fat Momma tears when we had meet the teacher, a little bit on parent night, in the parking lot after dropping him off in his classroom and again when he was safely in the car after the first day. Okay and maybe a few here and there throughout the week too when I dropped him off and just randomly- what can I say I am a bit of a crier. I knew that this was coming and while I am excited for everything that “school” brings my Momma’s heart just wasn’t ready yet…

Jay Bird,

To say these last few months have been easy would be an understatement. People always mention the terrible two’s but three, the threes have been tough, definitely worse than the twos. You are wild with boundless energy to match. You don’t stop, talking or going, well- ever! There are times when you are literally running circles around me trying to explain something or telling me the plans of your “new game” or just running since I think it is impossible for you sit still these days. You are trying to find your own way and asserting your independence and sometimes that comes out as just plain defiant. It’s exhausting and frequently you leave me and your Daddy staring at each other wondering what we’re ever going to do with you. But for all the wild, crazy, make your head spin moments there are equally as many sane, sweet, melt a Mommy moments too. You’re tenderhearted and imaginative, you love to dress up and make believe and are frequently coming up with new things to play. At one moment we are in our boats (cardboard boxes) sailing away on trips, at other times we are riding our horses in a race. We wear wings, crazy hats, capes and masks here and there and every time they have a different purpose or reason whether it be dancing at the ball or flying away from the hunters. I adore watching your creativity come to life in these new games, the pictures you draw and the stories you tell. Speaking of stories you still LOVE to read. We have been reading chapter books with you for close to 6 months or more now along with the picture books and you love both equally. Jack and Annie books (the Magic Tree House) are probably your favorite in the Chapter book category and I would be hard pressed to name just a few of your picture book favorites, there are so many.  I love watching you read with Daddy because I get to see you study each picture so intently while he reads; it’s like I am getting a glimpse at how you think.

You adore your brothers and frequently shower them with affection, most of the time this leads to tears but your intentions are always good. You love playing with Charlie and I can’t count the number of times that I hear you say, “Come on Charlie”, “Charlie, let’s…” etc during the day. You really are each others best friend right now and I can’t wait to see your relationship continue to grow. When it comes to Luc, we have to put limits on how many hugs, kisses, cuddles you can give him. You are frequently asking to hold him, asking where he is and trying to make him quiet when he is fussy. It’s adorable and so precious and I love to watch you help out and “take care” of him. As for Mommy I never limit the amount of kisses and cuddles I get from you; as long as you will give them I will take them. I love that you will be running circles around me one minute and the next stopping for a mid lap smooch. I love that I sometimes I find you wrapped around my legs giving the best bear hugs around. I love that out of the blue you will tell me that you love me. I love when you ask me to stay and cuddle awhile before bed; hearing about your day and talking about the things you love during these times are some of my favorite moments with you. These are the moments I live for, these are the moments that I stop and thank God for; how blessed are we to have YOU in our lives? So while I wasn’t quite ready to kick you out of the nest I know that it is time and I am so anxious to see you fly. So fly my little Jay Bird fly…

I love you,


half birthday celebrations
half birthday cake

photos from the first day of school
1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

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