bella and charlie

Out of our two kitties Dolce and Bella, Bella was most definitely not our “friendly” kitty. Dolce was in your face, right in the middle of the action whereas Bella always hung back at a safe distance to observe what was going on. She was always in the same room as everyone but she kept her distance from the action. However, since we lost Dolce almost a year ago Bella has become much more friendly; she sits in laps more, hangs out with the family a little bit closer and even lets the boys pet and lie on her from time to time. She’s a sweet girl.

Charlie and Bella

4 thoughts on “bella and charlie

  1. Wonderful…..Belle just needed the space to be all hers….that same happened with my two kitties. Robin Elizabeth had been elusive until she was the queen cat and soon became a fabulous cat. Jim loved her as early on said she had become “a very satisfactory cat.” Cats and kids make for charming photos!!! You have proven that!


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