officially a granny

It’s no secret that I have usually been categorized as the responsible, prepared person for most of my life. I mean I usually can be found at home most nights and not out partying (this was the case even before children) and in college I was known to have anything you might need… needle and thread to fix your ripped seam- I had it, bandaid- yup, tylenol- sure, stain stick- indeed, among many other things AND sadly I had most of these things with me at all times in my purse. I liked to think that it was good prep for having kiddos ;) That being said, I guess it’s only fitting that I have picked up a hobby to match my Granny ways- quilting! I have always enjoyed most types of crafting although sewing was never really my thing. I did a bit of it from time to time while working on projects for the kids or house projects but never loved it. However, this Christmas my wonderful husband got me my own sewing machine and since then I have been hooked! I love how simple it is to use my new machine (I was borrowing my Mom’s old machine prior to this and never quite got the hang of it) and I have been sewing during my free time. My first big project was a quilt for Jay. I fell in love with this cute car fabric, Peak Hour by Riley Blake, and thought that it would make a perfect blanket for my car loving kiddo. It’s not a perfect quilt (don’t look too closely at any of the seams, most of them are pretty wonky) but I did it on my own- including the machine quilting so I am pretty tickled with myself. And more importantly Jay loves it which means I am one happy Mama ;) I can’t wait to start working on my next project… now if only I could find a few more hours in the day to sew…

My sweet husband modeled the full quilt before leaving for work this morning, although his little helper preferred watching to participating.

Daddy and his helper

our helper

the front
the front

the back
the back

Jay also wanted to help show it off. The snuggling photos are my favorite, makes my heart smile.

Jay showing it off

not quite tall enough to hold it up

my helper



snuggling with elephant

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