this guy

cool guy Jay

keeps me on my toes these days! We have hit full-on 3 year old status with an attitude and strong will to match. Most days we butt heads more times than I care to admit; he fights me on things I didn’t know it was possible to have opinions or battles over but oh my does he melt me…

He likes to pick out his own clothes (not all of the time) and recently has been choosing ties- because he wants to be “fancy”. He loves to help with anything I will let him do, always asking me “Mommy what is my job going to be?” or “Mommy, what can I help you with?”. He would live outside if we would let him. He loves books more than ever, if that is possible, and desperately wants to read. In fact, a few days ago he got really upset and started crying; when I finally was able to get him to tell me what was wrong he told me “Mommy, I can’t read!” It broke my heart a little; I need to start working with him on his letters more… He says the most hysterical and sweet things these days, including today when he told me “It’s just so hard to wait for Daddy to come home Mommy”, it is sweet boy, it is. He loves his brother and is always getting into some type of shenanigans with him- I see trouble in my future with these two.

I feel like he is growing up entirely too fast; which is why I sit just a little longer with him when he stops long enough to crawl up in my lap for snuggles. He still fits so well there next to my heart and for that I am so grateful.

Outfit and accessories all chosen by Jay and what you can’t see is the bright green flip-flops he has on his feet…

too cool for words

too cool for words

6 thoughts on “this guy

  1. Ok, I love that you can see Charlie’s silhouette in his glasses. I love 3. I wish I could freeze them at this age and keep them 3 forever. There is something so magical and innocent at 3 and 4 just isn’t the same. Also, if you haven’t read the book Love & Logic for Early Childhood I HIGHLY recommend it. It gives you lots of great strategies for dealing with preschooler drama.


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