family portraits

We had some family portraits done and man was it hard to get everyone to cooperate! We did manage to get one nice one with everyone smiling though :)

a group shot

me and my adorable hubby

just the boys

I know, I am a dork… but I am just tickled with how well (at least in my opinion) these little peg people came out. I bought some plain peg people awhile back from this etsy seller and didn’t end up doing anything with the for quite some time. I finally started painting them shortly after the New Year and I have done a little here and a little there until finishing them up today. It was a such a fun project and I already can’t wait to meet sweet baby #3 and work on their peg person! Jay is thrilled that they are finally done, he has been dying to play with them.

4 thoughts on “family portraits

  1. You are amazing….how do you do all the things you do….and you do them so well. The Peg People are adorable and make me smile too!!


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