meeting santa

Santa makes the rounds in Winter Park every holiday season; driving down the streets, waving at people, passing out candy and making a few stops along the way to visit with kiddos.  Since one of his stops was just down the road from us we decided to pack up the boys and meet Santa.  Both boys were pretty leery of actually sitting with him and honestly, Jay only did it after getting distracted by Charlie screaming but he did sit with him and told him that he would like some new books for Christmas- LOVE that kiddo!

Here are the photos in all of their glory- the lighting was horrible since we were standing in a dark parking lot but you can get the general idea and it has been documented for posterity’s sake ;)

Jay and Santa

Jay and Santa

Santa’s set up- a john deer tractor with a Rudolph head pulling a trailer with a sleigh attached


Santa's set up


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