lighting of the tree in WP

Recently, Jay has become super excited about Christmas lights and Christmas trees (all to be expected) so we decided to meet Jamie on Park Ave to watch the lighting of the Christmas Tree. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty tree and it was cool to watch it light up all at once but the hour plus that we waited to see it happen (with a one year old that hadn’t napped in the afternoon) was less than desirable. Honestly, the two best things that came from the trip were
1. knowing what it’s like and not really having to see it again
2. the glow-sticks that were given out after dark!!

Charlie swiped Jay’s glow stick while we were getting our picture taken and had a blast with them the whole way home. Jay, Jamie and I had so much fun playing in the bath with them after Charlie had gone to bed. Here are a few photos Daddy took with a slow shutter speed while we were sending the “lightning fish” swimming through the water.

I think it is so funny that Jay has no clue that his glow-stick is being swiped!

the tree

Jay is in the tub in all of the following photos- at times you can see him better than you can at others depending on how much he moved during the shot.

By the way, in case you couldn’t guess we would recommend a glow-stick bath if your kids (or you- no judgement here) ever happen upon some glow-sticks. It was cool!

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