a letter for my one year old

Dear Charlie,
Just over a year a ago you took everyone by surprise by arriving 2.5 weeks early.  You joined our family; you fit so seamlessly with the three of us and added that little something extra that we didn’t even know we were missing.  Joy and Happiness are the best words to describe you, little guy…  you are just plain happy to exist.  You have been the most content little thing since entering this world and honestly, it’s hard not to be happy when you are around.  Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that you are smiling from ear to ear at all moments, you can be quite a stoic little one at times, but when you do smile and when you do laugh it lights up the room and tugs at my heart in a way I didn’t know was possible.  I am not sure I can accurately describe how much I delight in you or just how deeply you have rooted yourself in my heart but I will try…

Simply put you are amazing little one. You are playful and serious, you are easy-going and SO opinionated all at the same time. You are daring and bold yet so cautious and reserved.  You stand on chairs and push toys but tense up when you are held above or tossed (like Daddy likes to do) above heads.  You are a mess of contradictions little one and because of that you keep me on my toes.  Lately, you have been into EVERYTHING that you can manage to get into and then some.  You open cabinets and drawers with child locks on them, you dump bucket after bucket of toys out (I think just so you can hear the crash), you push buttons, any buttons that are within reach- keyboards, power back-ups, remotes it’s all fair game.  You love to walk behind push toys/laundry baskets (well really anything that you can push and move) but have refused to stand or walk on your own.  Don’t get me wrong I am by no means pushing you to master this skill, I know what happens when you little people start walking, but it is funny to me that you haven’t even considered trying.  Crawling however, you have tackled that beast and mastered it and you are fast! When you set off you get where you want to go and you get there FAST.  Like I said earlier, you constantly are keeping me on my toes.  You adore bath time and going outside.  Whenever the water starts or whenever we head towards the back door or pull the stroller out you flap your arms, squeal and smile the biggest smile.  You are constantly pointing at stuff and “telling” us about things and talking to us.  I love your curiosity.  I love the way you talk to me. I am not fluent in Charlie but man do I wish I was, you have so much to tell! I know that my chances to have quiet peaceful moments over the next 18 or so years are slim, and even though there are times I would give anything for silence, I still enjoy the sound of your voice and your laughter filing our house more than anything.  I love the way you continuously crawl to visit Daddy when he is working from home; you love people and can’t get enough of them.  I love your dance moves- you dance as soon as you hear any music playing- bobbing and rocking along.  I love the way you laugh and giggle while playing with your big brother- the relationship you two have melts me.

The passing of my babies’ first year is always bitter-sweet; I want so badly to bundle you up, snuggle you in and hold on to my little baby forever but that would mean missing out on all the wonderful things that are to come… If I could bottle up just a little of the sweetness you are right now- that smile, that laugh, those dancing legs- I would in a second but honestly I can’t wait to see what is coming because I know that it is going to be amazing.  You will do great things, you will love deeply and you will touch so many people along the way.  Thank you sweet boy for allowing me to be your Mommy and taking me on this adventure with you, the best is yet to come.

I love you sweet boy!  Happy, belated, birthday!




3 thoughts on “a letter for my one year old

  1. What a wonderful history you are writing for your son. How soon we forget all the exciting and sweet things that happen as our children grow and develop. Good for you that you are writing it all down. I don’t know how you do it.


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