my predicament

So it’s no secret that I am a little (or a lot depending on the day) OCD. I like things to be in their place, I like the counters to be wiped down, I like things to be clean and I really, really like our floors to be clean. I am sad to admit that how clean our floors are directly affects my anxiety level- SO sad but oh so true. If the floors aren’t clean I start to itch. In my defense, I spend the majority of my days at home AND the majority of that time on the floor. I play with little people and we play on the floor. Cleaning the floors seems a simple enough task right? Not so much in our home… we have two lovable but VERY furry pets- one long haired kitty and a puppy that sheds. They don’t make it more difficult it just means that the upkeep needs to happen more frequently.

Which leads to my current predicament- our vacuum is on the fritz again and is currently on it’s way to Chicago via UPS. It’s on it’s way to be fixed (YAY!) but I have no idea when it will actually get back to us :( AHHHHHHH! I haven’t vacuumed in a week plus (almost two) when I usually vacuum at least twice a week- again, sad but true. I am starting to twitch and itch- BIG time!! Someone might have to send help soon, too bad there isn’t a pill for OCD…

That’s all for now- I am off to enjoy my day with my boys regardless of the twitching and itching…

2 thoughts on “my predicament

  1. I had a roomba once… it had a really tough time with the pet hair then, and that was before we had a dog. The brushes constantly got tangled with fur. I just looked at their site and they have some new models made specifically for pet hair, so we may have to look into getting one. Thanks


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