asking for trouble

I knew that I was asking for trouble when I allowed Charlie to be pushed by Jay. However, their joy far outweighed what could have happened AND since no one crashed, got ran over or hurt in any way I am going to call this activity win-win! Here’s hoping that Jay soon forgets how fun it is to push little brother in his cart ;)

oh and for all of you that are concerned, Jay was going/pushing VERY slow(ly) the whole time that Charlie was riding. Honestly, I am surprised that he actually could go that slowly :)

AND, we got video of it today- maybe we will get to posting video sometime soon. I make no promises though ;)

One thought on “asking for trouble

  1. This reminds me of pictures of George and Paul riding in the little red wagon. Paul was already walking, so after the first run, George got in the wagon and Paul pulled him! That will soon come for your two.


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