my cup runneth over

I sat down a few times today* to write Charlie’s 9 month update but got distracted and while I sit here in the wee hours of the night waiting on my sweet hubby to come home (yes you read that correctly, he is not home from work yet- he has had such a busy week) I find myself overcome with gratitude.  Gratitude for my sweet hard-working husband who puts in way more than he is asked to both at work and at home and gratitude for the sweet healthy babies that are soundly sleeping in the next rooms.  While our days are far from perfect I couldn’t have dreamt up this kind of life for myself in any of my wildest dreams.  I am trying daily to drink it all in and dance in the joy that surrounds me.  My cup runneth over…

And just to give you a glimpse, these are from the first few moments of our morning…

a sweet Daddy, who should have rushed out the door to work but stayed to read a story to a little redheaded boy who asked ever so sweetly to read with him

sweet smiles that greeted me when I plucked this little one from his crib

and a moment that took my breath away- while packing things up to head to the doctor I walked into the other room and when I returned I found a big brother sweetly “reading” to one very attentive and admiring little brother.  The depth to their relationship constantly astounds and delights me.

*While I meant to publish this yesterday I didn’t actually get to before drifting off to sleep. Jamie worked until after 3AM and finally got home about 3:30 and we are really, really looking forward to his day off tomorrow…

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