are you ready???

Jay is turning into quite the little fish and while he isn’t really swimming on his own I wouldn’t doubt if he was by the end of the summer.  Jay loves to…

-jump off the side of the pool to people

-do “penguin” dives from the spa into the pool (it’s a little dive on his belly)

-stiff stiff (where Jamie, in the pool, holds his ankles and lifts Jay over his head until he drops him and Jay makes a huge splash)

-fly in the pool (think this but imagine a water landing)

-jump into the deep end while people are holding him (tandem jump)

-swim from person to person, which he can do if the people are about 6 feet apart

-hang from the edge of the pool by his arms and go all of the way around

-do “cannon-bobs” (a cannonball backflip launched by Jamie)

-take submarine rides (swimming underwater while riding piggy back on someone)

-have splashing wars with his brother (which makes Charlie laugh and squeal with delight)

However, my favorite part of it all is probably the super cute “ARRRRE you READY!!!” announcement every time he does a trick, especially if it is accompanied with the fist pump. Honestly, he is so fearless in the pool that it is a little unnerving.  So in an effort to prevent him from just leaping in without anyone knowing we make him ask before he does anything if the person he is going to jump/ swim/ dive to is ready.

All of it is precious and makes my heart full when I watch him enjoying every minute.  Fortunately for us we have a great pool within walking distance of the house- thanks Mimi and Pepere for making sure the admittance fee is reasonable ;)

I know that we will have plenty more underwater photos before the summer is through but here are a few that we took a couple weekends ago that I really like.  Enjoy!

this one isn’t actually underwater but Charlie is watching Jay swim and jump

stiff stiff - Jay has gotten stronger and Jamie can hold his ankes instead of his knees now which is harder

I LOVE this next one- they are like two peas in a pod, even their hair matches :)

"cannon-bob" pre-flight

"cannon-bob" landing

We did take some video too… although I am surely not together enough to get that up for you. Maybe I can get that up soon- subtle hint to my video guy ;)

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