It’s taken me a while to be able to write this, I still tear up whenever Jay asks where Dolce is and I am just now getting used to the new quiet of our house without Dolce; it was a hard and unexpected goodbye.  It’s no secret that I am not a kitty person… I never have been… however, this guy had a way with people and although we had a love/hate relationship he was nothing but sweet just as his name implies…

thank you Dolce for being patient with me while I learned kitty…  thank you for understanding when I jumped in the beginning every time you jumped to sit behind me on the couch… thank you for forgiving me when I got mad at you for things that were out of your control… thank you for not holding it against me when I kicked you out of the bedroom after marrying your Daddy- I know that the couch was not nearly as great as the bed you once got to share… thank you for every early morning wake up call you gave us- occasionally you saved us from being too terribly late for work… thank you for your amusing taste buds: carrot muffins and ramen noodles- really?… thank you for not holding it against me for bringing a d-o-g into your home… thank you for learning to love her, tolerating her puppy phase and becoming her friend- she loved playing with you and misses you… thank you for all of the hours you sat with me while I was pregnant with Jay- although my lap was shrinking by the minute you always made room for yourself there… thank you for accepting and loving the tiny humans that we kept bringing home from the hospital with us… thank you for letting Jay crawl all over you and love all over you despite him not being so gentle… thank your for all time you spent and the laughs you gave us… thank you for all the love you gave us… you are missed, sweet kitty, you are missed…

a few of my favorites of him…

7 thoughts on “goodbye

  1. This was a very tough blog for me to read.. Dolce would always meet me at the door when I arrived with subs for our weekly lunch.. He would sit by my chair until I had given him 2 small pieces of meat from my sub.. Toward the end of his life he had some difficult health problems but he never lost his friendliness toward people and especially his care givers, Kristen, Jamie and Jay.. I know how much he is missed by you guys and that includes me.. great grandpa Jim V.


  2. Those furry friends steal our hearts as no others…..they give us unconditional love and total forgiveness for our mistakes. We are so lucky to have shared so many good times with them. I totally understand the empty spot he has left.


  3. Dolce was certainly well named. I did not know that he liked to eat the things you mentioned. I know that Jim loved feeding him when he was having Firehouse subs with you all. Dolce was loved by the whole extended family because he was so friendly. So many of the family cats make themselves scarce when company comes, but not sweet Dolce. I loved your tribute to him especially the pictures of him with Piper, Jay, and you. Great Grandma Margaret V.


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