door hangings

I have finally been able to complete a few of our house projects to the point of wanting to share them with you on here.  However, I need to get my act together enough to actually take photos of them so that I can share!  Until that happens I will show you these cute little name plates that I made for the boys doors.  Jay loves having his name on his door and well I love them too- they are just cute in my opinion.

I would offer up a tutorial on how to make little gems… however, step by step instructions is not really my thing and it would end up going something like this…

1. have husband make random comment about how we should put signs on the boys doors so people can tell which is the bathroom and which rooms are theirs

2. think on it- decide that embroidered name things (yes that is a technical name) would work perfectly for this

3. doodle some simple line drawings until you have a design that you like (a Jay Bird and a Charlie Tuna in our case)

4. look up how to embroider- stitches, transferring said “patterns” to fabric, etc

5. purchase the necessary fabric (this was the only thing I needed- yes, I had embroidery floss and a hoop and I haven’t ever done any stitching until now…)

6. do all of the pattern transferring

7. stitch it all up

8. iron out the creases in the fabric that were made from the hoop

9. spray paint some simple wooden frames to match the rooms/ embroidery

10. rig up the frame so it would hold the embroidery

And, since I am pretty sure those kind of instructions won’t be helpful… I won’t give you any more than that ;)  Just know that I enjoyed making them and that if you give it a whirl you might too.

Also, just so you don’t think that I have the luxury of time here’s a photo to keep it real for you…

Yes, that is me ironing on a towel in the kitchen while a sweet kiddo (if you look closely you can see his sweet little red head over the top of the couch in the first picture) plays with duplo and very large trucks!

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