happy earth day!

About a month ago Jamie tackled a large project from our to-do list- moving the second (and last) of our raised gardens.  We put in the garden a while back, originally placing it on the North side of our backyard, and while things grew there and did moderately well it was apparent that in order for it to thrive it needed to be moved so it could get more sun light.

He was able to wrangle some “help” to move it; although, our help mostly enjoyed wheel barrow rides and relocating the dirt that was being put back into the garden rather than anything actually productive. I guess you get what you pay for ;) It was no small feat but it is done now and we are so happy that we moved it- things are starting to look wonderful!  Our black thumbs are getting greener and we are learning as we go… looking forward to enjoying some of our bounty soon ;)

Charlie and I supervised ;)

Happy Earth Day to you!!

One thought on “happy earth day!

  1. I love your new garden too and you do have green thumbs. Jay did a great job helping Grandma last month when we planted some new trees at my house. He really liked the garden gloves! I hope your garden gives you a lot of wonderful veggies and most of all fun!


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