I love this view… three of my loves hanging out and content to just be with each other.  Simple joys, a big brother to shake a rattle for the little brother and a puppy dog who aches to be near anyone that will have her. This is a pretty frequent occurrence around here… the four of us within a four foot radius and it is so, so great.  Oh and incase you are concerned Charlie looked like this about 30 seconds before this photo was taken- content as content can be :)

However, he had some “tough” lovin’ from his ubber affectionate brother (we are still working on hugging not squishing) and wasn’t feeling the group shot. That and he was getting tired of tummy time :)

2 thoughts on “typical

  1. Loved seeing this post first thing on a Monday morning. Now I can go to school with a smile on my face! Love, Mimi


  2. Charlie can repay Jay when he is older by hugging him.. And since hugging to Jay means lieing down on top of Charlie I think Jay is going to really be squashed when Charlie gives him a lie on top of hug..

    They are going to be the best of friends and play mates..

    love from.. great grandpa Jim


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