today i am…

One month old!!

So lets’s be honest, Charlie is honest to goodness a second child.  I don’t photograph his every waking moment, heck I didn’t even get his big “weekly” moments like I did with Jay.  We don’t jump the moment he peeps and if we are being honest with the few dozen or so people that read this blog sometimes we let him fuss… a lot. We know it will pass and that he will survive, all lessons that we learned the hard way with Jay.  By the way, we also put him down. I know gasp- he isn’t held all of them time!  Another lesson learned the hard way with Jay.  However, second child or not, my little Squishy is one month old today and that’s cause for cupcakes and photos!!  We even pulled out the blocks for the occasion:)  Every time I make the effort to have a “photo shoot” with either of my boys, regardless of the pain it might end up being, I am so glad I did. I know I will cherish them for years to come.

Stats: will update this when we can get somewhere with a working scale… the battery in ours isn’t working

Weight-  Charlie is growing like a bad weed, this little one is not going to be in the 10% like my other little guy.  I think he has hopes of being the big little brother.  He has already outgrown outfits that Jay was wearing past five weeks old and when people comment on how tiny he is I find myself laughing because I think he’s so big and compared to Jay he is!


A few other things of note for posterity’s sake…

*Charlie is on a pretty consistent “schedule” of eat, play, sleep.  He is eating every 2.5-3 hours during the day and 3.5-4 at night.  The 4 hours at night has been a little less frequent over the last few nights than it was and he has been taking longer to go back to sleep after his feedings but that has more to do with his cold than anything.  His congestion is pretty bad at night and it is easiest for him to breathe when he is in more of a reclined position (half up rather than on his back) so we have been pacing or rocking and using the frog position that he likes so much until he falls asleep the last few nights.  This isn’t all bad since frequently I log some pretty good Squishy cuddles by the light of the Christmas tree.

*Other than eating, sleeping and pooping, all of which he does pretty well, there is not a whole lot to report.  He still likes to be warm but not swaddled up tight.  In fact he prefers his hands to be on the outside of any blanket he is under or wrapped in and will fuss until they are out.  He has taken to the swing and likes the sound and mobile to be on while he is in it.  He also really enjoys Jenny, Jay’s stuffed giraffe sound machine. We keep it in the cradle for him, that is of course when Jay doesn’t notice it and take it back to his room (btw- Jay never really took to a sound machine so it’s not like he is being deprived in any way).

*Jay has more or less taken to Charlie at this point.  He still occasionally has his moments of jealousy but has come to realize that baby brother is here to stay and therefore is making the most of it.  Frequently, he gives Charlie hugs or asks where he is.  He also wants to help feed him, share his snack/juice or play cars with him.  He also is the first to notify us if Charlie is crying and we need to get him- “Baby Charlie cying, Mommy/Daddy- Baby Charlie cying”- this statement is frequently accompanied with a furrowed brow and much concern which in itself is just too sweet.

I think that about covers the highlights.  It really is hard to believe that he has already been a part of our family for a whole month now, especially when I can’t imagine a time without him.

3 thoughts on “today i am…

  1. Kristen, you and Jamie are wonderful parents – you learn from experience, try new tactics, and stay calm and flexible. Since no two children are the same you will always need to adapt your parenting strategies to fit each one’s unique personality. What a great start you have made with Jay and Charlie.


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