I probably have close to 500+ photos that I would love to edit and post (the selects from); however, I just can’t seem to find the extra time to get through them these days.  Jay is down to one nap (for the most part) and it isn’t really that long, so my productive time has been cut in half AND if you consider that I nap often (being 38 weeks pregnant and chasing Jay is kicking my booty) these days too you can pretty much say productive time has gone out the window.  Along with cutting down on productive time it also feels like my list of to do’s just keeps getting longer the closer we get to having baby brother.  Oh well, not much I can do about it and if I look on the bright side the only really huge thing I need to do before this second little bundle of joy comes is pack my hospital bag… It’s funny how much things change with the second kiddo- with Jay my bags were packed and ready by the door one month out, with this one I will be lucky to have them packed the night before :)

Okay, enough with the random chatter (thanks for listening by the way) and on to some pretty random photos.  I let Jay eat his breakfast the other day at the “big” table.  He was so darn proud of himself  and thought that he was such a big boy for sitting all on his own.  It was pretty darn cute to see only his little noggin’ popping up over the table :)

waiting (pretty patiently for him, I might add) for his muffin

his "cheese" face

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