daddy time

We all love when Daddy gets home early enough from work to have some real play time; lately he’s only been around for dinner, bath and bedtime (darn those long work hours).  So when he does we all take full advantage :)

This was Thursday night when pony rides were being given around the house- much to Jay Bird’s delight.  Piper was really enjoying it too; she loves when Daddy (or anyone for that matter) is on the floor at her level!  She followed them around the whole house getting the occasional lick in when she could…

This however is Friday night when Jamie came home not feeling really well.  We realized that he had a fever close to 101 and since Jay has been teething and can be pretty cranky they opted for a little snuggle time and Toy Story over pony rides.  Dolce joined in for a snuggle too.

p.s. Jamie’s fever broke sometime Friday night and while he is not feeling 100% yet, he is feeling a whole lot better.

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