enjoying the usual

Often times I find myself in the kitchen during the weekends.  Making bread for the week, experimenting with a new cookie project or convincing Jamie to tackle some type of food thing that I am too intimidated to try on my own.  Well this past weekend was no exception; however, we did have a little bit of perfect weather/ bike riding/ outside enjoying time mixed in too.  It was more of the usual and wow it was wonderful!

We cranked out some whole wheat bread, homemade yogurt (it’s delicious but we haven’t mastered the consistency yet- guess we just need more practice), a super yummy tomato soup (with farmers’ market veggies), experimented by making these (also with farmers’ market veggies)

Super yummy (and easy too) sweet potato crackers! The recipe says that they need to be eaten within the week (because of the lack of preservatives) but I really don't think this will be a problem- Jay has been been gobbling them down!

and we took these

and made this…

Jay waiting not so patiently while Mama took the photos- what can I say? He gets his patience from me...

Don’t worry, we let him enjoy more than his fair share of strawberries straight from the baskets.  They were so delicious, I just hope they still have some at the farmers’ market this weekend when we go.  I have plans for more freezer Jam (btw- I just used the recipe from the pectin box, I know not really original, but it was easy peasy and so good), fruit leather and there is a super yummy strawberry cupcake recipe that I am dying to try too… I’ll let you know if any of that actually happens :-)

Jay has been making such silly faces lately- squishing up his face and furrowing his eyebrows at us. I have no clue why he was making this face but I love it all the same.
sweet goodness

Strawberry Smiles- we moved to the high chair as things got a little messier

We certainly hope your weekend was as sweet as ours and that your week is shaping up nicely too!

5 thoughts on “enjoying the usual

  1. Wow, great pics! I love the cookie cutters you used to make the crackers – where did you get them? Also curious when you made the recipe did you use the 2.5T of baking powder? I’ve gotten a few comments on the recipe post that people can taste the powder so I’m curious if people have tried it with less and if it’s worked out OK. Great site!


    1. Hey Kathy! The cookie cutters are wilton (I probably got them at Joann’s), they are from a Noah’s Ark set. They work wonderfully for this and are the perfect size for my little guys hands! I actually used 2.5 tsp of baking powder (not on purpose- but because I didn’t translate the recipe well when trying to get it into a format I could print) and they turned out just fine. I do think I made mine a little too thick, they didn’t quite crisp up they way I think they should but that is more “baker error” than recipe issues. However, I am no expert so I can’t be sure. Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by! Would love to see you again :-)


  2. Oooh, I want to make those sweet potato crackers! I can’t wait until our farmers market starts back up in mid April!


    1. You should run, not walk, right now to get what you need and make them! They are super delicious and we (mostly Jay) have already eaten the whole bags worth :-)

      p.s. I would strongly recommend not skipping the salt and cayenne pepper sprinkling part- I think it really makes the cracker!


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