look a little different?

I have been wanting to do a little “spring cleaning” around here lately.  So Jamie and I stayed up way too late tonight (this morning…) to change things up a bit.  We like it… do you??

p.s. Check out the new feature with the pictures- just click any image below to view it larger. Once you do, you can scroll your way through all the pictures on the page, kind of like a slideshow.  Yup, my husband is good- I know :-)  Please be patient while we update our old posts with this new feature.

Want to try it out??  Start here-

3 thoughts on “look a little different?

  1. Love the new layout… and love Jay’s face in this picture! I’m not sure what he is doing, but it is adorable as usual!


  2. Bella said to tell you that she still doesn’t see a picture of her in the banner shots. She would like a blog dedicated to pictures of just her (and maybe Jay)!


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