today i am…

One year old!!

I know I have already posted today, however; I couldn’t miss posting this one too!

How exactly did this happen?  Where does all the time go?  I am allowed to say this, I promise you, it’s my right as a Mother of a one year old.  Seriously, I am pretty sure I blinked and the whole year passed us by.  That being said, we have had the most amazing year and I wouldn’t change one bit of it (that goes for those low points and sleepless nights too).

Stats: (not official ones, we don’t go to the Dr for another week but here’s what Jamie and I got this morning…)

Weight: 20.5 lbs – Daddy will be turning his car seat around now!

Height: 28.5 inches

Teeth: 7- that 8th one is really holding out on us!

Things of note:

* Jay has taken a few steps on his own but isn’t walking yet.  His balance is great and he is full on cruising but he just isn’t ready to walk yet.  Right now he knows he can get anywhere he wants- and fast- by crawling so he isn’t in a real hurry.

*Most mornings and after most naps he is super excited to see us (Jamie or me) when we come to get him from his crib.  He all but does circles in his crib out of excitement and usually looks around his crib for something to point to or show us- a paci, stuffed animal, a real animal that has followed me in the room.

*He is pretty shy.  He hardly goes more than two feet away from me or Jamie when we are around a group of new people and he will rest his head on my shoulder when someone he doesn’t really know talks to him while we are out.  If we are home however or around people that we know we can’t get the kiddo to stop jabbering.  Sometimes it is so loud that we have to yell to be heard over him.

*He isn’t really talking yet although, we are pretty sure that he says Mama, Dada, kitty and possibly Bella.  It’s just so hard to tell how deliberate each of those are.

*He is super curious about everything still.  He points at the birds and the airplanes and is constantly saying “ooh” when we are outside.  He loves to look at things and will all but crawl out of my arms and over my shoulder to take a look at something.  He also will flatten himself out to peer under things.  It really is adorable to see him smooshed up on the ground with his face pressed to the carpet and his booty in the air looking at or for something.


*Blueberries!!!  They are by far his favorite food right now.  Jay knows the bowl that we keep them in gets excited and starts clapping as soon as he sees it come out of the fridge.  Kiwi makes for a close second, he has an extra stomach for fruit and can’t get enough of it.  As for eating, he is still a good eater and has added mullet dip, homemade yogurt, apples, french fries and cauliflower to his long list of likes.

*Balloons!!!  He has a huge thing for balloons right now; honestly, we can’t even get into the check-out lane at publix before he is eyeing the balloons, pointing at them and then looking expectantly at the cashier.  He is happy as a clam as soon as he gets one (he doesn’t care what color either) and can play with it for days.  They only go away when I get sick of it and toss it while he’s napping- seriously- he had on in the bath one night since it was just easier not to fight it.

*He still loves the bath, he splashes around and would probably stay in there until he was super pruny and cold if we would let him.

*Playing with your toys.  Jay has a corner in the family room that houses a good portion of his toys.  He will go to town most afternoons there; taking everything out and tossing things over his shoulders.  So far he really likes the drum sticks and egg shakers from his music set and his alligator pull toy best.  He also loves the bbq tongs, mini loaf pans and measuring spoons from the kitchen and a basket full of old DVD’s and pens from in the office- none of these are exactly toys but we don’t care, we’re just fostering creativity here.

*Crawling in and around things.  Jay loves to play in Piper’s crate and the laundry basket.  He also loves to crawl around and through the legs on the dinning room and kitchen tables.  If you add a balloon or alligator pull toy to drag behind him into the mix we have one happy, happy child!

*Peek-a-boo is still a favorite game and hide and seek has started to become fun as well.  Although, I must say that  Jay isn’t a stellar hider just yet.


*Sitting still for anything!  Getting his diaper changed, getting dressed, waiting for his juice before nap time.  I have gotten really talented at quick diaper changes and putting diapers on a standing child after baths.  We also have left a pile of things by the changing table to help distract him for just a few seconds while we change him.

More pictures because I can…

my shoot helpers consulting with Jay
sharing- he will pass things that he likes to you now instead of just showing you them

relaxing a little bit...
love that smile!
such a big boy and not easy to do on the squishy bed
looking for Piper after the shoot

2 thoughts on “today i am…

  1. Love the “Jay” shirt and especially the standing on the bed picture. If you keep this up, he’ll start jumping on the bed for the pictures!!


  2. I loved to see the pictures. I hope Jay had a wonderful birthday. We look forward to seeing him (and you all) on the weekend.


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