christmas craftiness

I love crafting; however, I don’t get a whole bunch of time to do it anymore.  So this year, as an excuse (kind of) to be able to, I decided to make a good majority of our Christmas presents.  I love getting things that are homemade from people; I love the thought and time that is put into those gifts.  I hope that people we know do to, since I am probably going to try and do the same next year too! Although, in a perfect world I would start a little sooner in the year than I did this year.  Check out some of the projects we gave…

a necklace that I made for Holly with interchangeable flower pins
cookies that I used for my Mom and Frannie's place card at Christmas dinner
more gingerbread cookies
an elephant pupet that I made for Jay
a camera case that I made for Holly- by far my favorite gift to give, I love how it turned out!
shirts made for Jay using freezer paper stencils- a snowflake initial and a "jay bird" shirt
hooper crossing shirts for Aunt Nicole
2010 ornament, Jay's- a Jay Bird and Jamie's- a carrot because we put in the garden this year
bows, bows and more bows that I used for gift wrapping (can be worn later in hair on shirts, purses etc)
a wrapped present with bow
our table set for Christmas dinner
Jamie's place setting
Jamie making pickles
lots and lots of pickles!!

Some of the things that I made but forgot to take pictures of included a “Grandma and Me” book for my Mom, a Perreault Memory Game for my three year old cousin (this was adorable and I regret not getting a picture of it… I’ll have to make one for Jay and take pictures), a frame with family pictures for Mimi (we didn’t make the frame but the pictures are all ours), dog rope toys, pickles- which Jamie and I made together (I actually did take pictures while we were making them just none of them packaged nicely and ready to be given), a delicious honey- cinnamon butter, homemade Almond Joys (that I may or may not have “tasted” while making)cookies, cookies and more cookies!  I think when I added up my cookie total I was up to somewhere around 375 and that didn’t count the candy and other baking!

3 thoughts on “christmas craftiness

  1. You have always been so very creative and I love it. We are the ones that are able to enjoy the wonderful gifts that you make to treasure. Thank you!!!


  2. you are so crafty!! my camera case is so awesome…i seriously show it to everyone. that includes people i don’t really know. hahaha and everyone thinks it’s so cool! :) i also love my necklance and the bows :) you’re the best!!


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