With the holidays right around the corner I have a ton of projects going on throughout the house- really it’s a wonder I find anything I need on my dining room table these days.  I love, love, love making (and getting) homemade gifts; they are so much fun, in my opinion!  I can’t wait until after Christmas so I can show off a few of them to you all.  But until then, check out the what we brought to the party for Leyton yesterday…

I wanted to make Leyton an Airplane coloring book since he loved to color so much the last time I was there and he can't seem to get enough of airplanes- I'd show the front but it wasn't super exciting
pages for the airplane coloring book- aren't they cute planes?! I thought they were adorable; Wally's my favorite :-)

An airplane t-shirt to match the incredibly cute and creative party invitations. The party was an airplane theme party and Nan made the invites look like boarding passes. She's good isn't she?

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