today i am…

We hit double digits today!!  Jay is 10 months old (hard to believe, hard to believe…)and keeping both Jamie and me really busy!


I don’t have any stats for today’s post (I’ll try to get them up tomorrow); however I am going to say in my defense that we just got back this afternoon from a week-long cruise and I still managed to get the monthly pictures- which in my opinion is pretty impressive…

Things of Note:

*Jay has become quite the eating machine!  He is eating everything in sight and has apparently gotten his Daddy’s appetite and metabolism- lucky him!  He has tried everything that we have given him; we have been following the Doctors orders to just let him try anything from our plate and it has been a hit.  He prefers things with flavor and or spice (beans from Chili, squash with chili powder and other spices, hot Italian sausage off of our homemade pizza etc) and squeals when he wants more of something. We are currently working on the squealing (I don’t think it is a polite way for him to request anything) but we’ll see how that goes.  I would say that he has quite a few things on his list of favorites; however, fruit (of any kind) and ice cream (yes he was spoiled on the cruise) are high on his list- and I can’t say I blame him ;-)

*We have been working on baby sign language with Jay so that he will have a way to communicate with us before he is able to speak.  He has already developed his own nonverbal cues for when he wants to be picked up, when he wants something and he points at things of interest; however, there are many times that he gets visibly frustrated with his lack of communication. Although, he hasn’t actually signed to us (and I am not expecting it to happen any day soon) we have high hopes that it will work and help with the squealing and frustration.

*We are officially “cruising” now.  He isn’t on a huge roll yet (which I don’t mind) but he is definitely walking along the furniture. I keep thinking that it won’t be long now before we have full out walking, although I really don’t mind that he is still just crawling.

*Along with cruising he is standing on his own, unassisted, for longer and longer periods of time.  His balance is great and he seems to love his mini leg work outs!

*Jay has been talking up a storm lately- chattering on and on about anything and everything. Before I get too far, let me clarify that although he says Mama, Dada etc they aren’t yet intentional but he is getting closer and closer each day.  I think it’s so funny to hear him talk, especially when some of his “words” sounds like responses to our questions.


*Airplanes- Leyton, Jay fully understands the fascination!  He looks up, points to the sky (even when we are inside) and has a huge grin on his face whenever he hears one.  It really is sweet to watch him follow the airplanes across the sky…

*Mobility- he has loved being able to move on his own and to get where he wants to go and get there fast!  He can be pretty exhausting throughout the day but it’s been fun chasing him around.

*Little people- Jay has become quite the people watcher lately.  Anywhere he goes he gets engrossed in what is going on around him and the so interested in the people that surround him.  This being said, little people are his favorite to watch.  He would sit in the grass at the park for hours and watch the other kids play if we would let him.


*Sitting still- this has made diaper changing, toweling off after baths, dressing him and cuddling rather difficult lately.  All tasks are quite the feat as of late and have forced Mommy and Daddy to get creative and super fast at all of the above :-)

Well I think that pretty much sums up my little butter bean for the most part.  Each new phase we have entered with Jay has brought with it a new set of challenges; however the laughs and the joy that has filled our house since the day we brought him home far out weigh anything else we have faced.  We continually are excited to watch him grow, learn and explore the world around him.

Excuse the crazy hair- he was playing with Daddy while I set up and I forgot to fix it before pictures but do take note of the shirt. We were sporting our FSU gear and cheering them on to victory today »»---------> GO NOLES!
love the smile that he had for my photo assistant aka Daddy

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