so thankful- day 2

Because Christmas decorations are already up in the stores, since the weather here is in the low 80’s, because the leaves are changing colors on the trees (ha- we live in Florida folks) and because we hope to enjoy time with family and stuff our bellies to capacity this week, it can only mean one thing- Thanksgiving is almost here!! And since we have been especially blessed this year we thought that we would take the week to tell you about a few things we are most thankful for. We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to enjoy it with those most dear to you…

Make sure to check on posts from the rest of the week too…

We are thankful to live in a place where we are able to share our thoughts, say what we think and indulge in simple pleasures (books, hobbies or whatever they might be). And we are especially grateful for those people that allow us to have those freedoms…

One thought on “so thankful- day 2

  1. I’m so excited that we are going to get posts while you are on the ship! I am thankful for my techno-savy brother who probably helped you set that up!


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