a different view…

I took these photos a few weeks back, actually it’s been over a month now, with my 16-35mm lens (that’s a wide angle lens for you non-camera readers) while Jay and I were playing in the front yard waiting for Daddy to get home from work.  I love the different “look” that they have- quite the Jay Bird’s eye view ;-)

A silly face he used to make frequently. He doesn't do it that much anymore- it's crazy how quickly they change!
same silly face- I loved it and miss it...
playing on the blanket
excuse the less than stellar picture of me, but if I don't take self portraits I don't get many of me and Jay

One thought on “a different view…

  1. I love the fact that you spend so much time outside with Jay. We are a family that has always loved to be outside so Im’ grateful that you have passed that onto Jay!!!


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