I’ll admit that Jay and I were spoiled rotten for the last 5 days- we had Jamie (aka Daddy) home for 5 full days in a row!  We were able to spend the whole day with him on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and although he worked from home on Friday and Monday we were still able to have lunch with him and to wave when we walked by his office.

It was pretty adorable on both Monday and Friday when Jay would hear Jamie answer the phone from the office, stop what he was doing, look around to see if he could see him, crawl like a mad man to find him, stop when he saw him and break into a huge smile and then crawl as fast as he could to get to him.  I’ll admit that it may have caused me to tear up just a little, if we are being honest.  It also caused me to tear up a little today when Jay crawled into every room looking for Jamie and couldn’t find him.  Frequently while he was playing Jay would stop, start crawling like a mad man to find Jamie and then stop disappointed when he didn’t find him in his chair, or in the office, or family room, or anywhere else he looked for him.  Pretty sure Dad will get a warm welcome when he comes home tonight, we’ve sure missed him today…

coming around the corner to find Daddy in the office today... so pitiful

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