big fright by a little bird

**To begin with- nothing happened to Jay, he’s fine completely!  I realized when I looked at the first draft title  (big fright by a little guy) that people would think I was talking about Jay so I changed “guy” to “bird” and realized that too wouldn’t distinguish it any better.  So instead of spending tons of time trying to figure out a different title I am just going to add the disclaimer upfront.**

This morning while playing with Jay and following his little-crawling-self around the house I heard a huge thud on come from the kitchen.  It sounded like when the cats chase lizards on the other side of windows so I was curious to see what they had found.  However, what I saw instead was no kitties in the kitchen at but a little bird flapping upside down on the ground outside like a maniac.  This of course freaked me out and I went to get my phone to message Jamie asking what to do.  By the time I sent the first message he had flipped himself over and squished himself up close to the window so I couldn’t see him very well unless I went outside (which I wasn’t going to do with a dog and a baby at my feet).  So I just sent another message to Jamie.  Well Blackberry messenger was especially slow this morning and he didn’t get any of the messages until 30 minutes later when I sent another after putting Jay to bed and hoping that the bird would fly away on his own (he hadn’t).  At this point Jamie got the messages and gave me a call- bless him because I was really starting to worry and freak out.  While talking to Jamie I went outside to get a picture of it to send to him and when I did this the little guy kind of came out of his daze and started to look around frantically.  Before I could snap a picture he took off and landed in the closest tree.  He was flying pretty shakily and landed low in a tree right above our neighbors cat (I scared the kitty away) so I figured he wasn’t all the way back to normal.  So I went back inside to grab a big camera (not my phone) to snap a few pictures and wait until he flew again.  He did and all is well with the world again.

Here’s a picture of my little trouble maker.  Not sure what he is, anybody have an idea?

2 thoughts on “big fright by a little bird

  1. I’m looking in my bird book and I think it could be a black-throated blue warbler. Your bird looks a little fatter than the picture in the book but he might have been fluffed up from the trauma. Was it a small bird?? like 5 – 5 1/2 inches??


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