wordless wednesday (kinda)

**Update: Since I have been asked multiple times if these pictures were staged I wanted to say that they weren’t.  I took these a few weeks or so ago prior to Mimi sending me a few of Jamie around Jay’s age and couldn’t get over the similarities between the four pictures.

5 thoughts on “wordless wednesday (kinda)

  1. Oh My Gosh!! That is precious!! I love the comparisons. Now if Jay puts his tongue out while cutting with “bunny scissors” then we’ve really got a perfect match.


  2. Love this! Kristen – I’m sure you’ve already thought of this but, really, you’ve got to offer this comparative photography concept as part of your business. This is brilliant.


  3. Jeremiah and I can’t get over the second pair of pictures. It looks like the same picture taken from a different angle! Too much!!


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