Who’s ready for some football??

Cool Fresh Breeze in the air- check

Collegiate Apparel in size tiny- check

One adorable baby who will wear whatever his Mama puts him in and smile for the camera- check

you can't see his shirt but you can see how close he is to crawling in this one!
sweet boy

one more showing a little crawling action- he can lift his hand now but doesn't know what to do with it beyond that

I am pretty sure we are set- yahoo for football season!!!  Southern Miss to the TOP!!!! And go NOLES too!

3 thoughts on “SMTTT!!

  1. awww!! He is getting big! He needs to stop that! lol i can’t wait till he’s talking! I can just hear you saying “say: southern miss to the top!!” and him saying it in a cute little baby voice!! haha :) I hope his FSU outfit still fits for saturday!!! :) ahhhhh! i can’t wait till he can come to games!!


  2. Go Eagles All the Way!!! I will be supporting the black and gold, the tshirt looks great and I’m so glad that it fit for football season as it was bought before he was born. SMTTT always!!!!


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