fun with toys

Recently, Jay has really been playing a whole lot.  I can put him on a blanket in the middle of the floor and place some toys around him and he will play for as long as I let him.  It’s great- I love watching his little brain work while he is playing; he really does take everything in and love to play!  Also, this “new” trick allows for me to get a some stuff done while he plays (laundry etc) so it’s a win-win situation for all!

If I had to choose I would say his current favorite toy is anything that stacks; I make towers and he knocks them down, over and over again. We certainly all have our jobs in this household :-)  The first few pictures are of Jay’s stacking cups; a very inexpensive toy that I would highly recommend to any parent.  Although, I think he would probably like plain old tupperware just as much.  The others are of a boat that he really likes to play with too- enjoy!

love his little face in this picture :-)

his favorite part of the boat is certainly the flag, although the little man that goes with the boat is a close second

2 thoughts on “fun with toys

  1. Nicole, it’s the eyes! I think that Jay really looks like Jamie from the nose up. He has my face shape, mouth and nose but from there up it’s all his Daddy- aside from the color of the eyes. I love how I can look at him and see both of us in him, it’s so great :-)


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