dinner with friends

On Sunday Jamie, Jay and I had the pleasure of visiting Lauren, John and Betsy (their Toy Yorkie- I think that’s the correct term, sorry Lauren if it’s not).  They had us over to their place, nice new digs by the way, where we had a wonderful dinner and were able to enjoy some time catching up.  A great time was had by all, even Jay and Betsy had a great time “playing” with each other.  Betsy is so tiny and much smaller and more energetic than any animal Jay has ever met; she was bounding around playing with toys and us the whole time we were there and Jay couldn’t keep his eyes off of her!  Those two were seriously too funny to watch…

our gracious hostess, Lauren, hanging out with Jay
Jay and Betsy getting acquainted...
sharing toys...
fast friends :-)

5 thoughts on “dinner with friends

  1. The photos of the baby are precious and clear but I have to say that my favorite are of the precious moment between boy and dog…just dear.

    Love, Aunt Lyn


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