28 years old isn’t so bad

This year for my birthday I asked Jamie to take the day off.  All I wanted this year was to spend the day with my guys and not have to plan a thing.  Jamie surprised me by taking both Thursday and Friday off  which allowed us to have a long weekend and it was wonderful!!  I enjoyed some great time with extended family, we enjoyed some time together just the three of us and Jamie and I were even able to spend time together just the two of us!  It was a wonderful birthday weekend and a wonderful start to what I can only imagine will be a great year!

having a lazy morning in bed

excited to have breakfast/lunch
an attempted family picture- Jay wouldn't stop looking at Piper
an attempted picture with two of my kids- both Jay and I are cracking up after being "loved" by Piper
a sweet smile from my sweet boy

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me, I love you all!

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