the ants go marching two by two

or twelve by twelve in this case!  Yesterday, Jamie sent me a message from work asking if I could whip up some cupcakes to help celebrate his boss’s birthday today and this is what he took in with him…

I made these Vanilla Bean Cupcakes which by the way were really yummy, we had to taste test them of course :-) and topped them with homemade butter-cream icing and candy to look like ants!  Best part of the project, I got to use my new kitchen-aid mixer, a birthday present from my family, which I LOVE!!  I have used it pretty much every day since getting it… I am a dork, I know.  Thanks Jamie for the fun project, hope everyone enjoyed!

6 thoughts on “the ants go marching two by two

  1. Kristen – thank you so much for going to the trouble! It was a wonderful surprise and they were so cute we didn’t want to eat them but they were too yummy not to :)


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