oh canada…

our (my) home and native land…

Even though I am an official American citizen now, I was born in Canada and feel it only right to give a shout out for Canada Day!  Hope all of my family in the great white (although not white right now) North is enjoying their day off and that Jamie’s family (who is currently traveling up there) is having a great day too!

Wish we could be there to watch the fireworks and eat popcorn on the brow of the hill with you Grandma…

the two of us sporting our Roots shirts! seriously- love that place!

showing off his big boy outfit :-)
a self portrait for good measure and because I like them!

4 thoughts on “oh canada…

  1. Hey for all of the Canadian family and I’m glad to see that Jay will be able to enjoy his northern roots!!!!


  2. You could never post too many pics of Jay in my opinion!! We are loving our time here in your beautiful country!! Canada Day was a blast. In fact I am hoping that you will get dual citizenship for Jay. That would be super cool!! You look great, yourself, Kristen!!! Love from Kamloops on our way to Jasper!


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