play date

Yesterday Jay and I walked over to have a play date with Christina and Chase (our next door neighbor and her almost 8 week old son).  We took a blanket and some toys outside, set up under the shade of  a tree and had a grand old time.  I can’t wait until we can do it again!

Jay with one of his new favorite toys
The many phases of Chase- alert and playing through crashed! I can't blame him though, I would have loved to nap in the shade :-)
just hanging out
just hanging out
a new favorite picture of mine- LOVE his expression!!
a new favorite picture of mine- LOVE his expression in this one!!
the whole crew, minus the lady with the camera

2 thoughts on “play date

  1. I guess it is that “fisherman hat” set it off. These pictures look like a couple of buddies hanging out in inter tubes on the river. All they need a couple of beverages and they are set. Pass the milk!


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