the best gift!

Today, on Mother’s Day, I am reminded of just how very blessed I am.  I couldn’t ask for a better husband and Daddy to Jay or for anything more in a son.  Since the very first moment that he came into this world Jay has captured my heart and I continue to love him more and more each day.  I have had the most wonderful day with my two guys and Jay gave me the best Mother’s Day gift- his first real laugh!  I love the sound of babies laughing; however, when the laugh comes from your child it is the most amazing sound on Earth!!

Jay’s First Laugh from James Perreault on Vimeo.

By the way, we were lucking enough to have the video camera rolling when he laughed.  So you really are seeing his first laugh in this video!

7 thoughts on “the best gift!

  1. What a wonderful gift!!! I remember 29 years ago Richard walked to me on Mother’s Day, it was to me as your video was to you a wonderous awesome gift!!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY SWEETHEART!!!!!


  2. Nan- I have cried almost every time I watch it! Partly because it is to darn cute and partly because he is growing up soooo fast!! Pepere- Probably not as much as his Mama has, either way don’t worry we won’t tell!


  3. I shared the video today before my school psychologist meeting. They all loved it. It set our meeting on a happy note.

    Then, later in the day, I heard people complaining in the lobby of the EC office. I took my computer to them and showed them the video. It made them feel better for a minute…then they went back to talking about End of Grade testing!

    My video viewing count is rising day by day.


  4. It was so nice to be there to hear his first laugh but also to see the look on both Kristen and Jamie’s face!


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