faraway travelers

When I was young I was spoiled rotten by these two ladies (and my Mom’s other sister and brother who aren’t pictured).

They came to every recital and soccer game (even if I did stand on my head in the goal for the whole game), they spent endless hours playing with me and dressing me up like a princess (don’t believe- I have pictures) and spent hours, well, just being there for me. Apparently, when you grow up the spoiling doesn’t end because they did it again. In Mid- March they flew all the way from Canada to meet my son. I am not sure that I could describe how proud I was to introduce them to little Baby Jay…

It was so great of them to make such a long trip, we LOVED having them here. I wish daily that they were closer so we could see them more. While they were in town, aside from just starring at Jay (which surprisingly many people can do for long periods of time), we took them to see some of the nontraditional Florida sites- ie we didn’t go to Disney or the beach.

We went to Craft Azalea Gardens to check out the flowers in bloom…

We went to the Audubon Society Birds of Prey Center (my Aunt loves birds)…

Auntie Deb with a Bald Eagle
Grandma with a Great Horned Owl

We took walks on the Cady way path…

and hung out at our place.

first time holding Jay :-)
four generations of Houghtons

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!
love this picture too- doesn't my Grandma look great?

Their visit was such a treat and I loved every minute that we were able to spend with them. I only wish that we could do it again soon.

2 thoughts on “faraway travelers

  1. Those are great pictures of your Canadian family coming to meet Jay! I love the one where he’s ‘cutting’ his eyes at Auntie Deb and smiling. Looks like you all had a great visit!!


  2. It was an awesome visit and I too wished that they lived closer. Jay is so special to all of us. Thank you for the wonderful memories!!!


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