snips and snails and puppy dog kisses?

Kisses are something that are given frequently around this house and Piper is no exception.  She and Jay were hanging out the other day after his Duke photo shoot and you can tell from the pictures below that they have certainly adjusted well to each other.  By the way for all of you concerned Mamas out there, I did clean Jay off after his kisses :-)

Piper Kisses :-)

Piper and Jay just hanging out
just Jay- but it was too cute not to include...

3 thoughts on “snips and snails and puppy dog kisses?

  1. I had never seen the seat that he is sitting in before today. And today, I saw two cute kids in it. Jay and Stella (work friend’s child). Stella was born in October. Is it a trendy new seat for kiddos that can’t sit up yet? Is it supposed to help them learn how to sit up? They look comfy. :-) Love you!


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