from head to toe…

Jay is growing like a bad weed, changing before out eyes and getting cuter by the minute!!  Yup you guessed it (or maybe you didn’t- we won’t judge) but last Saturday he turned a whooping two months old!!!  It really is hard to believe how much he has grown and changed in these mere two months; although, we do have a few gazillion pictures or so to remind us when we forget…

Jamie and I took Jay to his two month Doctor appointment yesterday.  He was checked out from head to toe, weighed, measured and given 3 shots and an “oral” shot.  His appointment went really well aside from the shots- I cried, he screamed and Jamie thanked him for calming down as soon as they would let me pick him up (it was exactly what I needed to feel better about the whole thing).  Call me a wuss but I absolutely hated watching while they jabbed his adorable chubby legs.  The rest of the day he was a little more fussy than normal, his legs were sore so he couldn’t get comfortable (we think) and he ran a very low grade fever.  It wasn’t great but it could have been far worse, however, it did confirm that I will officially be a wreck the first time that Jay really gets sick.

Some things of note:

* He is growing like a bad weed!!  He measured in at 11lbs 4oz and 23 inches long yesterday- can you say oink, oink!

* He discovered his tongue this month and loves to stick it in and out at whomever will look his way.

* He smiles- frequently!  It is melt-your-heart cute when he looks you in the eye and gives you a huge smile.

* He also smiles when he sleeps- it is the cutest most peaceful half smile you will ever see and it makes me wonder what he is dreaming about.

* He found his hands but hasn’t quite found his thumb.  He likes to touch/ rub his fingers on my side when he is feeding or when he is in his carrier.

* He stretches for about 2 minutes after he wakes up, all the while making scrunchy faces.

* He is generally sleeping about 5 hours a night.  He has really taken to his bedtime routine- of shower, bottle (with breast milk), changing his diaper if needed, putting on PJ’s, then swaddle and a kiss from Mommy and after it he is pretty quickly out like a light.

* He snores, really loudly.

* He farts, also really loudly.  Seriously, Jamie could start blaming his on Jay if he wanted too.

* First thing in the morning is one of his happiest times during the day.  He will play, talk and smile for a long time after he is finished feeding.  This really does make the early mornings more bearable.


* Being outside- all you have to do is walk outside (on a nice sunny day), it never fails to calm him down when he is upset.

* Shower time!!  Every night he gets a shower before bed time and practically falls a sleep on Daddy’s lap before they are through.

* Playing Peek-a-Boo.  He grins, laughs and coo’s so you’ll do it again.

* Kicking his feet.  He loves to play on his play mat and kick his feet vigorously.

* His friend the fan.  He loves to look up at it, smile and coo.

* Looking around.  He is very curious about his surroundings and loves to take everything in.

* His carrier, Mommy’s arms are thankful for this since he has been packing on the pounds.

* Cuddling.  Something Mommy is a huge fan of!


* Driving in the Car (it can be hit or miss), especially when no one is in the back seat with him.  He will scream at the top of his lungs and hold his breath effectively stressing Mommy out- I have even pulled over and tried to calm him a few times.

* Being hungry- he will scream like we are torturing him if he gets hungry or we take the bottle away to burp him.

* Wet diapers- we no longer need the blue wet indicator on the diapers because he will let us know when he is wet.

* Tummy Time- currently he hates being put on his stomach unless he is lying on someone.  We are supposed to give him tummy-time daily, this is not a fun time.

Jamie and I decided to join in on the photo shoot

Jamie's favorite picture :-)
my favorite picture

3 thoughts on “from head to toe…

  1. So sweet. I love the last pic. I still hate when Leyton has to get shots. I also cried the first few times. And yes, when they get sick it will wreck you. But hopefully you won’t have to worry about that for a long time.

    Can’t wait to see ya’ll Saturday.


  2. Love, love, love these pictures!! Jay really has grown, his round face and chubby legs are the proof. He is adorable. Such a beautiful family!!


  3. What adorable pictures!! I love them … and your blog! It’s so informative :) I’m glad you are having fun! I can’t wait to come down and see my nephew soon! I love him and you 2 as well ;)


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