I never thought…

I never thought that the day would come when I would hope and cheer for poo; I mean seriously jump for joy when my child loads his diaper.  Well that day has come and gone and I am sure that it will happen again soon…

Last week Jay was having some difficulties with the “outputting” section of the input/output part of his life.  I am talking serious output issues, like going four days without pooping.  Bless his heart, I am sure that his tummy was hurting something fierce and, well, I was beginning to really worry- like calling the Pediatrician on Monday, worry.  Needless to say late Saturday night the issue resolved itself.  After going through his bed time routine (bath, feeding, swaddle) we laid him down to go to sleep, crawled in bed ourselves and had barely closed our eyes when the child exploded- literally. He made a lake in his diaper, one that we changed over the sink for fear of major leakage.  We were so proud and excited- this is parenthood at its finest.

Thinking back on it now it is quite humorous since Jamie and I jumped out of bed, praised the heck out of him and did a little happy dance all the way to his room to change him.  It just goes to show how much a child can change you…

On a side note, sorry for the lack of pictures with the post; our photo exporter is acting up.  Never fear though Jamie is home tomorrow and my computer fears him so it will be resolved soon :-)

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One thought on “I never thought…

  1. Baby Jay is adorable. I showed the pictures to my family. Quote from my 10 year old…”he is so tiny and cute. “ Quote from my 8 year old…”I don’t remember being a baby. It looks fun.”


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