the newest Perreault

The following post was originally on a temporary site that I set up for the sole purpose of recapping Jay’s birth to friends and family; so I have moved it here as its new home.


10:00am: Kristen sends me a text at work saying that she had a talk with our son and he agreed to come on the 27th if I agreed to start my baby-leave on the 27th
10:30pm: Kristen and I go to sleep early because she’s tired… not knowing that the little guy was listening earlier

1:57am Kristen woke up and her water broke
2:50am We load up all our bags and head to the hospital
2:53am We walk into the emergency room entrance
2:58am We are upstairs settling into our labor room; we got the only labor room with a lie-flat chair/bed for me
4:00am Kristen receives an epidural and we both lie back to sleep
8:00am Kristen didn’t sleep much and I got about an hour of interrupted sleep
11:15am We took a few pictures of Kristen and me in the labor room

12:00pm Kristen is almost fully dilated
2:00pm Kristen is still almost fully dilated
3:39pm James (Jay) Vickers Perreault Jr. Arrives!
Kristen and I decided to name him after my grandpa, James Vickers, whom I am also named after.

5:30pm We are taken to our new room where we will stay for the next 2 days (approximately)
8:00pm After seeing multiple nurses (a common theme throughout the day) we invited the Grandparents to visit

11:00pm The grandparents left a while ago and I’m writing this in the hospital. I hope it finds everyone happy and healthy, just like we are

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