Baby Update

Below is the latest baby bump pic, taken yesterday at 22 weeks and a few days. As you can see things are progressing. I looked at Jamie yesterday and said “I think this shirt makes me look really pregnant” he looked at me and said “honey, I think you just look really pregnant. We have now gotten past the point where people are guessing if you are putting on weight or if you are actually pregnant.” Thanks dear husband, I guess this is true but I am sure going to miss my toes when they disappear…

There have been so many new things going on during the second trimester that I don’t know where to begin so here’s a short list of things I have learned thus far…
-Focusing on any one thing is still difficult, not sure that I could handle long term adult ADD very well.
-I am good at nesting and I love it! Things are getting checked off of lists right and left at the Perreault household- yippee!
-I am a klutz normally but pregnancy makes me an ubber-klutz. So far I have only broken two things beyond repair (a bowl and a small glass) but I have tripped and almost fallen over more times than I can count.
-When this kid is hungry, he tells me. You can hear my stomach growl from across the room. He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, I am not sure that I have ever consumed this much protein in my life.
-Bending has become more challenging, but it is easier if you make silly groaning noises when you do bend.
-The flood gates can open at anytime for any reason and stop at anytime for any reason.
-It is not the most amazing thing to feel your child move inside of you, it is when you get to see your husband feel it too!

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