definition of friendship

As we grow-up our definition of friendship changes; when we are young it may be the person who shares the tire-swing with you, in high school it is the person that complains with you when some stupid boy hurts you. At my age, a new category of true friendship can be added. A super-duper friend is one that hands over a stack of stretchy top pants and other assorted maternity clothes when the things in your closet are starting to not fit and you are feeling large. Yup, you know it is true friendship when the ever expanding pants are passed on to you.

My dear, dear friend Nan did just this (and more) on Sunday. We went over to her place for a change of scenery, it is not fun being cooped up in one place- so this was so nice. If Jamie would have let me skip to the car I would have, I was so excited to go to go there and leave our place in the dust. While we were there she fed us- this is huge since Jamie (bless his heart) has not been getting a whole lot of home cooking at our place (10 minutes on your feet at one time limits the menu options), gave me stretchy clothes and entertained us with her adorable son, Leyton. I swear I could watch that kid all day!! He does this almost-crawling-rocking-action thing that is hysterical and well with a face like this who could resist???

smiling at his momma


funny faces

pucker up

wet kisses

denied kisses- sorry Nan I had to post this, it’s so funny
Tuesday, I wore my first pair of maternity bottoms and was comfortable for the first time in weeks. It was glorious and I may have to live in these clothes even after the baby comes. Thanks friend, I love you and the two boys that live with you…

One thought on “definition of friendship

  1. You are too much…I almost shed a tear. I'm glad you are enjoying the clothes…don't you love maternity clothes? I had a hard time giving them up.LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics!


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