This too shall pass- right???

Everyone assures me that this not so glorious stage of pregnancy will pass and that I should be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel soon. BUT that makes me think about a bumper sticker that I once saw stating “Light at the end of the tunnel is off due to budget cuts.” Let me paint a picture for you…

I spend most of my time doing this…
and this…
When I would rather be doing this…
or this…
or this…

Actually, I probably wouldn’t rather being doing those things, even thought the house needs to be cleaned terribly, but you get the picture. Having one ounce of energy would be GREAT!!
My typical day consists of getting up around 11am if I am having a good day, eating breakfast because it is necessary, playing around on the computer for a while, lunch- again necessary, falling asleep wherever I might land for about 2 hours, something else brainless to pass the time in the afternoon, dinner, dishes, bed. It is a sorry existence right now and I am probably driving my saintly husband crazy. Have I mentioned that he is being amazing?
But all I can say is, hopefully this too shall pass :)

3 thoughts on “This too shall pass- right???

  1. Great pictures!! Hang in there another week or two and see what happens :-) Hopefully you'll be your active, chipper self again.


  2. This too shall pass…HOWEVER, you should enjoy it while you can. Before you know it, you will hardly have time to shave your legs. Growing a baby is hard work on your body. Go take a nap. :)


  3. Oh and i forgot to mention- I once read that "a pregnant woman's body at rest is working 3x harder than a non-pregnant person running a marathon." It made me feel less guilty about falling asleep at my desk. ok, done commenting now.


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