Our “kids” the helpers

Well I haven’t posted in a while and I think that I am just trying to get used to being off (and not off) for the summer.  School has officially been out for one week and I am not sure what to do with my time yet.  I have been working on getting things (financial and otherwise) settled with the business but it is hard to know where to start.  Please let me know if anyone that you know is in need of a photographer; wedding/ family or otherwise :)

As for the home front, the family is adjusting to me being home and Jamie has been hard at work putting a sprinkler system in our back yard this weekend.  We have never claimed to be “yard people” and well I am not sure that I will ever be but we do like our yard to look nice (this is problematic, you see?).  I am sure if the people who owned the house before us could see it now they would freak- they were big “yard people”!  Oh well, somethings just don’t grow on you- sorry for the pun.
The yard turned out to be more of a trouble than Jamie expected, isn’t that the way it always works out? So Jamie ended up digging the trenches himself without renting a ditch digger; in other words he worked his booty off this weekend.  George helped a ton, with the planning, digging and well I am not sure what else you have to do but with everything else that needs to be done- a HUGE thank you is deserved here.  Jamie did have a one other helper, see the pictures below.

Piper LOVES to pull branches off of trees!  We normally fuss at her for this since we usually like the branches to stay where they are; however, we were removing this bush all together so we let Piper help.  Man ‘o man, was she in heaven!  She tugged and pulled until her little heart was content (which wasn’t long enough to actually get the thing out of the ground but what can you do?)

This is our not so helpful, helper.  Dolce slept in Jamie’s tennis shoe the whole time that he worked in the yard.  He would watch everyone working out the window whenever he awoke from his slumber.  He also took it upon himself to make a mad dash out of the door three times yesterday; which is why he was not so helpful, but he was cute sleeping in the shoe just the same.

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